For those who are dealing with chronic pain, especially back pain, the following short clip from a recent Dr. Oz program could be the springboard to a new, pain-free life.



One of the reasons that the clip is so significant to me is that David Hanscom and I have been friends since we attended Pacific Union College together in the mid-70s. Over the years we have stayed in touch, although not consistently. A few years back, a mutual friend created a reunion golf event and David and I were able to briefly catch up.

I described how I was in the process of writing the biography of a guy named William Glasser, and he described how he was writing a book on how people could effectively deal with chronic pain, more often without invasive surgery. I knew about the years of training Dave had devoted to becoming a successful and respected spine surgeon, a man skilled at healing through cutting into tissue, so it very much caught my attention as he talked about the answer, for most people, having nothing to do with a scalpel.

I remember a feeling of excitement coming over me as I realized we were probably working on extremely complimentary topics, and I sensed he was coming to that realization, too, as he processed the implications of choice theory. Our conversation took place in the parking lot after the golfing was done, amidst quick conversations with other friends, some of them needing to get to other appointments or catch planes back to home. Yet Dave and I both knew we needed to talk more, to compare notes more, regarding the separate work we were each doing. We made the promise to each other to do just that, although truth be told, it is a promise we still haven’t kept.

We will make good on our promise. It is important that we do. We are both into people experiencing optimal mental and physical health. The healing power of the mind is incredibly amazing! Dr. Glasser understood it and Dr. Hanscom understands it. For now, I will share the following –



Back in Control is an Editors’ Favorite, one of the Best Books of 2014, and a Book of the Year on Amazon. You can access it here –

Or here –

You can also follow David Hanscom on Facebook at – Back in Control by Dr. David Hanscom

If you or someone you know is dealing with chronic pain, I hope today’s post has provided helpful information. From what I can tell it is consistent with and complimentary to a choice theory way of life. As always, I am open to your responses.


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