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A quiet classroom begins to take shape in anticipation of the Soul Shapers workshop, which began yesterday. There is something special about a classroom before class begins. Potential hangs in the air and fills the space. Thinking will be affected and lives will be changed. It’s a sacred place to me.

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Soul Shapers 1 is off and running! The potential of the empty classroom turns into accomplishment and success as participants plan a skit that depicts how Behaviorism has infiltrated religion. (I should have recorded them. They were right on and hilarious at the same time. ) There is something very special about sharing the concepts of choice theory with people.

At the end of yesterday’s class, participants were asked to write out their ‘take-aways” from the day. Here are a few of the take-aways they shared:

+ The building of relationships is essential for students to do their best.

+ The effect that external control has on us and the actual degree of negativity it leaves on those we use it on.

+ External control reduces the quality of the product.

+ The most important thing is maintaining relationships!

+ “I’m a deadly habit user.”

+ Beware of the subtle ways in which we use stimulus-response strategies.

+ We must have a relationship or connection with our students in order to help or influence them for good.

+ I liked that Choice Theory is relevant to our spiritual life; that God gave us that choice and we need to incorporate choice in our relationships.

+ If there is a relationship, there’s influence.

+ We can manipulate, thinking we are doing a good thing. There’s no such thing as positive manipulation. It could be good influence, but manipulation involves enforcing something on another person without their approval. (I guess.) It made me think.

+ Learn to manage more with redemption.

+ Focus on being more supportive and caring to spark creativity and loving responses.

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  1. Ed Boyatt says:

    If the take aways are that good after one day, watch out! They already “get” the essentials. Sounds like the teacher is still learning too. Consider the possibility of the classroom being video taped for those less fortunate.

  2. Barbara Thompson says:

    I had an awesome relationship victory at school this year. Negative student of the year complains,”Man, no matter what I do, everyone I turn to treats me with love and compassion, love and compassion!” (Principal grins)
    God is good!

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