The new Spring quarter at PUC began today. One of the classes I am teaching is EDUC 368: Teaching K-12 Bible. To my knowledge there isn’t a textbook on how to teach Bible class. There are some standards for teaching and a curriculum guide, but in general a teacher in my position can go in a number of directions, maybe all of those directions good.  Instead of rattling something for this particular blog, I have a question for you. And I would like to hear from a lot of you, whether you have or have not taught a Bible class. The question is this — What is the purpose of Bible class?

I’ll even start your answer for you – “The purpose of Bible class is to .  .  .

PS – Would the purpose for teaching a 3rd grade Bible class be different from teaching an 11th grade Bible class?

PSS – Here are some possibilities for a purpose for Bible class (in outline form) –
Bible stories and facts
Bible interpretation
Scripture memorization
Religious history
SDA history (or if you are Lutheran, then Lutheran history)
Spirit of Prophecy – knowledge, appreciation, memorization
Spiritual formation
Indoctrination (Is this necessarily a bad thing?)
Service projects
Local church involvement