A teaching credential candidate at Pacific Union College recently shared an article with me that she felt certain reflected the principles of choice theory. She posted it on Facebook and I shared it with my friends on Facebook, too. A number of my Facebook friends, who are choice theory instructors, affirmed the importance of the article. So I figured I should pass on the article to you as well.¬†Click on the following link to access the article –

Bribery Should Not Be Used as Motivation to Practice


Thank you, Laura Helms, for drawing our attention to this helpful article. This is not the first time Laura has contributed to The Better Plan. I included a paper she submitted on Choice Theory and Classroom Management in the post for December 16, 2013, entitled Glasser Biography Is Published! (kind of).


It’s easy to get an electronic copy of the Glasser biography for your iPad or Kindle and it is only $10. Click here to get your copy –

William Glasser: Champion of Choice (eBook)

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Now priced at $18.50 on Amazon.