I recently read a blog entitled 7 Questions You Will Ask at the End of Your Life. The author described how he had found a journal written by his grandmother after she passed away and that the questions appeared in her final entry. I found the questions to be thought-provoking and choice theory friendly. See what you think.

1. Am I proud of how I lived?
2. What did I discover?
3. How well did I play the hand I was dealt?
4. Did I take enough responsibility?
5. What struggles did I conquer?
6. How sincerely did I live through love?
7. How much of my story did I actually write?

These questions get you to thinking, don’t they? As a teacher I am aware of how powerful a well-worded question can be. You may even now be reflecting on your journey, wondering how the answers for these questions are playing out for you. Most of us still have time to write new answers to the questions, which is pretty awesome when you think of it.

Besides reflecting on your own journey, I invite you to evaluate the questions and determine whether any of them could have been written better. In fact, can you think of a question that got left off of the list, a question that should have been included? Who says there are only seven questions you will ask at the end of your life? Maybe there are twelve questions, or seventeen questions. Share your question(s) with the rest of us. I look forward to hearing from you.

(The seven questions can be found at the Marc and Angel Hack Life blogsite at www.marcandangel.com.)