Going through a file cabinet recently I rediscovered some notes I took a number of years ago on a book that looked interesting to me. The book was entitled The 7 Worst Things Good Parents Do. Those seven worst things are listed below.

I think it is a fascinating list that invites personal reflection and that can serve as an excellent springboard for discussion. Of course, a list this good also invites us to think about it through the lens of choice theory. What elements of choice theory come to mind as you read the statements on the list? Which statements stand out to you as especially relating to choice theory? Does choice theory help us to better understand any of these statement?

I would very much like to hear your thoughts on this.

The 7 Worst Things Good Parents Do

1. Baby your child.

2. Put your marriage last.

3. Push your child into too many activities.

4. Ignore your emotional or spiritual life.

5. Be your child’s best friend.

6. Fail to give your child structure.

7. Expect your child to fulfill your dreams.

Friel, J. and Friel, L. (1999). The 7 worst things good parents do. New York: Barnes & Noble.