Choice Theory (and Reality Therapy, the counseling approach based on its principles) isn’t that keen about focusing on the past. The past is .  .  .  well .  .  . past, and we can’t go back and live it again. We can focus on the present moment, though, and our plan for the future. In spite of Choice Theory’s emphasis on the now and on the future, I thought I would take a brief moment and share some data from The Better Plan blog site. Here are some overall numbers for 2015 –


2015 marked the third full year that The Better Plan has been in existence. The blog began in December, 2012, and has been sharing ideas related to Choice Theory ever since. The blog continues to grow, albeit slowly. The site had more visitors in 2015 and also had increased views. A view takes place whenever someone links to any of the articles on the blog.

While the number of Visitors and Views increased in 2015, the number of Likes and Comments went down. The number of Likes was almost the same as last year, but the number of Comments is significantly lower. Regarding the comments I am not sure what that represents. Several of you are regular “commenters,” which I appreciate a lot. I try to respond to each of the comments, as it is a good way for us to stay in touch. When you comment remember to check the small box that says you want to be alerted when someone responds. There have been some rich discussions on the blog posts and I would like to see these increase even more.

Regarding the Likes, it would be very helpful to the blog if more of you clicked on the Like button at the end of each post. The following picture shows what the end of a blog post looks like.

Screenshot 2016-01-02 10.42.06

Notice the box with the blue star and the word Like. Clicking on this can ultimately alert other readers and bloggers to the concepts of Choice Theory, so it is an easy way to help the Choice Theory community grow. As I understand it, to be able to Like a blog post you need to be registered on WordPress, the blogging site that runs The Better Plan blog, but registering is very simple. Create a user name and password and it is done. I think a lot of you are liking the blog posts, however you may not understand how to Like a post. WordPress has a huge Internet presence (I have heard that WordPress accounts for up to 20% of all daily Internet use) and Likes will alert others to a post’s importance.


In the order of their level of popularity the top Better Plan posts for 2015 were –


How To Make Schools Better for Kids, Sept. 2, 2015 (click on the title to quickly access the article)

Time magazine suggested practical strategies for school improvement, including 1) ditch traditional homework, 2) make recess mandatory, 3) screen kids for mental illness, 4) prioritize diversity, 5) turn discipline into dialogue, 6) let students customize their curriculums, 7) start classes at 8:30 am, and 8) design cafeterias that encourage healthy eating.


GREAT DREAM – Acronym for Happiness  Mar. 9, 2014

One of the most popular articles for 2015 was the GREAT DREAM post from 2014. It must have sticking power.

Glasser writing at home. (Photo by Jim Roy)

Glasser writing at home. (Photo by Jim Roy)

Unpublished Glasser Article on Pain   Jan. 21, 2015

Probably written in 2004, yet never published, it is good to hear Glasser’s voice again in this short, but important article.

The picture that came to represent the devastation of Middletown during the first night of the fire.

The picture that came to represent the devastation of Middletown during the first night of the fire.

The Valley Fire and Fitting Your Life Into a Car   Sept. 15, 2015

This was such a terrible and tragic event that came very close to our small community in 2015. Many of you were interested in this article and many of you responded with comments of empathy and support.

Blaming Might Be Funny If It Wasn’t So Darned Destructive   Mar. 12, 2015

I was glad that this post was one of the popular ones for 2015, as I think it represented some good writing, even though it was based on a truly mortifying event in my personal life. The post also included a great video clip from Brene Brown, the shame researcher.

I think all the posts were great, but the five listed above had the most views during the past year.


Most of the people accessing The Better Plan blog were from the U.S. (almost 16,000 views), but people from 129 other countries around the world accessed the blog, too. The following list identifies the top countries, other than the U.S., and the number of views during the past year.


It is amazing how something like The Better Plan blog can reach so many with choice theory and hopefully connect us to each other in the process. That is the goal!

Enough already regarding the data, right? The Better Plan will keep on keeping on during 2016. I am glad you are a part of it. I have a request of you, though. Could you help The Better Plan get more Followers in 2016. We closed 2015 with 383 people following the blog, which is up from 300 the year before. We can do better, though, and it can be as simple as inviting another person to look at a post or to join the blog. If you are a teacher you might consider letting your colleagues and student parents know about the blog. If you are a principal or superintendent you can share the blog link with your teachers. Increasing the number of people following the blog will help the word get out regarding the value of Choice Theory. Just invite them to go to –

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