The book, Soul Shapers: A Better Plan for Teachers and Parents, was published in 2005 and since then has done well as far as books go. The first run of 5,000 copies is almost sold out and I am beginning to plan a follow-up book. Maybe it will be called something creative like Soul Shapers II. The book generated a buzz of interest and discussion. Word of mouth testimonials and recommendations seemed to fuel sales. Principals bought copies for their teachers and quite a few superintendents bought copies for their entire conferences. I traveled around the country a bit and talked to various groups about the facsinating connection between William Glasser, a well known educational theorist and writer, and Ellen White, one of the founders of the Adventist church who wrote a greal deal about education as well. Besides presenting to groups throughout the U.S. and Canada, I was privileged to travel to locations as far away as Thailand to explain the principles of choice theory within a Christian framework. Attendance at the Soul Shaper breakouts at the NAD teachers’ convention in Nashville during the summer of 2012 confimed an on-going interest in the Soul Shaper ideas. As a result I became convinced that some form of communication, a digital clearinghouse for non-coercive leadership, was needed for teachers and parents and anyone else, for that matter, in need of choice theory support.

The Better Plan blog/website is meant to be that digital resource. As I have gone around the country and met teachers and administrators who are inspired by a non-coercive approach I have so much wanted to stay in touch and keep the conversation going. I have stayed in touch with a few, but not nearly enough of you. Even more importantly, I would like this website to allow many of you to share ideas and anecdotes with each other. I plan on inviting several of you to contribute to this blog and to add to the conversation in which we need to engage.

Besides becoming a part of this conversation yourself, I hope you will alert friends and colleagues to The Better Plan’s existence. Let’s increase the energy regarding choice theory and internal motivation.

In my next blog I will explain why this site is titled The Better Plan, rather than Soul Shapers, after the book’s title that started the whole thing.

Have Choose a Good Day!